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Wedding Organization
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SBLT guarantees "no jitters, only a picture perfect wedding!"
Weddings are indeed one of the most special occasions in a couple's life and therefore need to be picture perfect. Planning a wedding is a dauntless task. From booking wedding venues to sending out invitations, from selecting the menu to transporting guests and from arranging the decor to booking professional photographers to click timeless moments - everything needs to be done with finesse.
If you too are planning a wedding and are bogged down by the long list of 'things-to-do', stop worrying! Just give us a call and we will take care of everything - ensuring you organize a wedding that is smooth, beautiful and memorable.
SBLT offers wedding Organization as part of its premium value added service so that you can enjoy the special occasion without the slightest worry. Our experienced and well networked event management team books the best venue, sends out the wedding invitations and arranges for professional still and video photography as well as live entertainment at the venue to enthral your guests.
At the same time, our coach hire and cab hire services make sure your guests are picked up, transported to the wedding venue and dropped off at their destination on time and in absolute comfort. You can count on our extensive fleet of plush vehicles and licensed drivers for all your transportation needs - from shopping to trousseau trials and everything in between!
All you need to tell us is the kind of wedding you want, a wedding theme or venue that you might have in mind and your budget and we will do the rest to ensure that everything goes at its smoothest best. Importantly, we do not surprise our clients with last moment additional charges or service taxes. We will work according to your specified budget and give you the best value for your money!
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