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Photography Tour Packages

A photography tour takes you to both the popular travel destinations as well those that remain hidden away from the main tourist trail. It's great fun to see the world through your camera lens and go home with photos that will wow family, friends and colleagues. Places like India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives offer immense opportunities to enjoy photography tours that you'll remember all your life.

A photo tour of India is something that almost every traveller in the world craves for. Whether you're interested in nature photography, wildlife photography, cultural photography or travel photography in general, the country presents plenty of options from one corner to the other. On the one hand, you have such colourful states as Rajasthan and cultural travel destinations like Ladakh. On the other, there's the Himalayan range in Uttarakhand to quench your thirst for nature and wildlife photography. To rediscover more scenic beauty, you can head to the state of Kerala, packed with engaging backwater destinations.

For photo tours and expeditions, Nepal is another much preferred choice. The country welcomes photography enthusiasts of all levels and expertise. During your tour here, you'll be strolling through ancient bazaars, Newari villages and scenic lake towns while also enjoying heart-stirring views of the gigantic Himalayas. Many Nepal photo tours also include Bhutan and Tibet as extensions, offering a heady mix of three cultures. Kathmandu Valley photography tour is quite popular with tourists from various parts of the world.

If you're looking to explore a new culture while going home with an unforgettable collection of photos, Sri Lanka must be on your list. The country is well-known for offering a fantastic travel experience – friendly people, yummy food and breathtaking scenery. In addition, you'll get to visit multiple sites of archaeological and religious significance. All in all, you'll have a multitude of opportunities to click lovely images. While enjoying photographic journeys in the Indian subcontinent, how can you ever forget Maldives? Lonely islands, remote sand bars, submerged reefs and the unending expanse of the light-blue tropical waters of the Indian ocean are major attractions of a photo tour in Maldives.

At SBLT, we bring you photography tours where you'll be guided by trained naturalists and professional photographers. Whether you are an experienced photographer yourself or want to take your photography skills to the next level, there are tours to suit all tastes and requirements. Even if you're looking for a private photo tour or special small group photo tour, SBLT will make it highly pleasurable and fun. Our travel consultants carry extensive knowledge and have done all the legwork so that you can spend your time discovering the picturesque beauty of the Indian subcontinent and capturing great images.